One fundamental feature in Player XP is our Data Sources. In the process of gathering data, Player XP draws interactions from various sources that would be analysed and presented in the dashboard.

Every Data Source will provide the number of interactions, the percentage of interactions and the average sentiment recorded from the collected comments for the specific data source.

You will be able to see on the dashboard, Data sources referenced by names and the source type. A list of the 11 data sources and their corresponding icon as known by everyone can be found below:

Data Source
Source Type
Twitter RepliesPlayer XP also draws data from replies to main comments in the social medium.
Twitter Mentions
Player XP also draws any data that mention specific words linked or related to the game on the social medium.


YouTubeComments were made on various YouTube channels related to the particular game.
YouTube Official
These comments are drawn from the game studio's owned YouTube channel.
Player XP is designed to draw comments made by users on posts related to the game.
SteamReview comments from users posted on the platform related to the game.User Reviews
iTunesPlayer XP is able to pull any reviews posted on iTunes that will relate to the game.User Reviews
Microsoft / XboxAny comments made by users on the Xbox platform about a game will be pulled fed into Player XP.User Reviews
MetacriticPlayer XP is able to pull reviews left on Metacritic. These data can also be viewed on the dashboard.  User Reviews
Google Play Store
Player XP will draw any user review from the Google Play Store related that the related game.
User Reviews
Any specifically game-related communications in Reddit is tracked by Player XP.
Online Community
Steam Discussion Board
As well as providing user reviews, Steam also put at their user's disposal an online community which Player XP is able to pull data from and make available on the dashboard.
Online Community
As one of the largest online communities, Player XP also draws data from group conversations or one to one conversations to the related game.
Online Community

Player XP is always expanding and updating the list of data sources. As a game studio, you have the freedom to choose which data source to use for your analysis or to display on your dashboard.