It's extremely easy to set up monitoring of any Facebook Groups you are administrators of, this article will guide you through the steps:

Installing the Player XP (Hertzian) Facebook App

The first stage to adding Facebook Group data to your Player XP dashboard is to install our official Facebook application onto your Facebook Group. To do this, navigate to your chosen Facebook Group, and select the Settings option.

This should present you with a Settings menu with the following Apps option located at the bottom.

Once you've found this option, select the edit icon (highlighted with a blue outline above) and you should be presented with a popup showing your installed apps.

At the bottom of this window, click the "Add Apps" option. This should then present you with the App Browser, in the search area enter "Hertzian" (our company name).

Clicking on the Hertzian app will present you with the following popup.

If you are happy with the details shared in this popup, click "Add" to add the Hertzian application to your Facebook Group.

Once installed, you should be able to see the app listed in the Apps option in your Settings menu.

Once you have installed the application on your Facebook Group, head over to Player XP.

Authenticating in Player XP

This process will be familiar to those of you who have authenticated your Instagram account but for Player XP to link to your Facebook Group, we'll need to establish a link between Player XP and the installed Hertzian application.

To do this, go to your Player XP Hub page and select the Data Management panel.

Select the Instagram Authentication tab (Instagram and Facebook use the same authentication system), and then tick the box for the game that you'd like to link the Facebook Group with. Do not worry if the game already shows as Authenticated, this is to be expected if the Instagram link already exists.

Once you have selected the game to authenticate, select to "Continue with Facebook" which will open up a dialogue box asking you to login to Facebook. Once logged in, you will then be asked which accounts you would like to associate the permission with.

If you would like your Instagram connection to remain, please ensure your Instagram account is selected. If you do not wish to authenticate your Instagram but still continue, leave your Instagram account unchecked and click "Next"

You should then be presented with the Pages associated with your account, leave all of these unchecked and click "Next".

Finally, you'll be asked to confirm certain permissions. If you haven't selected an Instagram or Page then click "Done" and the connection should be complete.

After clicking "Done", the popup should close and your game should show a tick mark next to your chosen game within the Player XP Data Management panel.