With a recent change, to continue to collect Instagram data through Player XP, you must authenticate your account with Facebook. By doing this, Player XP will be able to continue to bring through Instagram comments for analysis. 

To assist you with this process, we've created an easy way in the dashboard to authenticate your account and this article will act as your guide to use the authentication wizard within Player XP.

The Data Management Panel

The first step to authenticate your account is to navigate to the Data Management Panel within the Player XP Hub page. To do this, select the Data Management Panel on the left hand navigation within the Hub page.

Once selected, you should be presented with the Data Management Panel. Inside here, ensure the "Instagram Authentication" tab is selected.

Selecting Your Game

Once you've navigated to the "Instagram Authentication" panel, select the game (or games) you wish to authenticate. If you do choose to authenticate multiple games at once, please ensure the same Facebook account is an administrator of the Facebook Pages attached to the Instagram pages you wish to monitor through Player XP.

After selecting the games you wish to authenticate, you should see the "Continue with Facebook" button turn blue, once this happens, click on the button.

Logging into Facebook

After selecting to "Continue with Facebook", you should now be presented with a popup from Facebook. If you do not see the popup, please ensure your browser allows for popups from Player XP.

The first page from Facebook presented is the Facebook Login page. Once again, please ensure the account you are going to login with is an administrator of the Facebook Page that manages your Instagram Page.

Enter your login details and select to "Log In".

Selecting Your Instagram Account

After logging in and selecting that you are happy to connect with the "Hertzian" app (Player XP's parent company), you should then be presented with a list of the Instagram accounts that your account is administrator of.

Select the Instagram account you wish to authenticate - in our example above, we'll select the official Hertzian Instagram page "hertzian_ai" and then click "Next".

Select the Page to Install the App Onto

If you have multiple pages maintained through the logged in Facebook account, you'll then be presented with a list of them. Please select the one associated with the chosen Instagram page.

After you've selected the page, you'll then be asked to confirm what permissions the Hertzian app will have within your pages, please ensure all three of the options below are enabled before selecting to proceed.


After enabling our application to have the required permissions, you should then be directed to a Facebook page that says that the connection has been established.

After selecting "OK", your Facebook popup should disappear and you should be returned back to Player XP where your game is now showing as authenticated with a tick mark next to the various titles you have authenticated.

Please do contact your Player XP account liaison if you have any problems during this process.

Removing the Connection

If at any time you encounter a problem and wish to start the process again, or if you'd like to remove the connection all together. Please log into Facebook, select Settings and then Business Integrations. In this page, you should see the Hertzian application, simply click to remove the application and the connection will be stopped.

If you do decide to remove the connection permanently, please can you notify your Player XP account liaison to allow us to update our records.