With our most recent update in June 2021, one of the major changes introduced to the platform was the refactoring of our data filtering system. With this refactor, we've been able to introduce a new way to concatenate topics together to allow for even deeper analysis of your community by allowing you to easily split Topics to find key feedback to specific discussion points. This guide demonstrates how to take advantage of this new feature.

Navigate to Any Topic

To see this feature in action, navigate to any Topic in the dashboard. This could be one of the Topics listed inside the Dynamic Report or a custom Topic within the Topic Finder.

Once you have chosen the Topic you would like to investigate further, scroll down to the "Trending Topics" feature (as seen below), this feature shows you all of the key terms being discussed across the interactions collated as part of this Topic.

As you'll see from the image above, there are a few major negative talking points on display that we may want to dig deeper into. Previously to do this, you would have had to look inside one of these as full Topics and then try to find the data relevant to the current Topic you are in. With the new system, we can now dig into just the data related to the current Topic and the talking point you want to further examine.

To do this, switch the type of view from Word Cloud to List View by clicking on the cloud icon in the top right set of filters and toggles (icon seen below)

Loading the Concatenated Topic

Once toggled to the List View, we can once again see the 5 major talking points highlighted in the word cloud however with this view, we can see more detail and can see that the most negative talking point is the "Damage" sub-topic. Lets dig into that to see what's causing such negative sentiment.

To open the Concatenated Topic for "Damage", click on the Orange button on the far right of the table, under the header "Explore Further" (seen below).

Selecting this button will then take you through to the Concatenated Topic. You can see your current Topic setup by looking underneath the title of the Topic page.

Going Further

Now that you've loaded up your Concatenated Topic, you can start to explore the feedback and visualisations across the filtered data, however, if you wish to go even further in your analysis, you can simply repeat the process again to build Concatenated Topic's with unlimited levels of Topic filtering.

It's our hope that this feature helps you really understand the key sentiment drivers for your game. If you have any feedback on this feature, please do share via our direct communication channels (Slack or Email).