Our Topic Finder acts as a Search Engine across our platform and it's really simple to use, want to know what your players think about a certain feature, enter it's name into the search box and click to "Go To Topic".

However, did you know that there's more that can be done with the Topic Finder. You can actually use a custom query language to perform more complex searches on the data.

OR Statements

The first of the more advanced searches is the OR search. The OR search allows you to chain together terms to group them into one single set of search results. Simply by using either the ";" or "," between terms, you will create a set of results where any of the terms listed must be present in the interactions for them to be included in your results.

AND Statements

The second of our more advanced features, the AND search, allows you to use the "&" to force the interactions included in your search results to have to include all terms listed in your search query. This is great for finding specific feedback on gameplay features for specific parts of your game.

Combining the Two

With our flexible search area, you are actually able to combine both of the above statements to build powerful search queries. If we consider an example where a game has released two recent updates, and in both, they have tweaked a certain map and want to use Player XP to track player sentiment and reaction over time.

Well, with the custom search query system, that's really straightforward, all they would need to do is use the query:

[Update Name 1] & [Map Name], [Update Name 2] & [Map Name]

This would split the query into two and perform two searches either side of the comma, with all of the results returned into one single custom Topic page.