With the latest update (June 2020) going live, we've enabled a brand new feature that allows you to set up custom Twitter searches for your games. Previously, our Twitter integration allowed you to monitor all interactions with your official accounts (direct mentions or replies to posts) but it was unable to collect comments where, for example, the user mentions your game but without the official tag.

With our new feature, available immediately, you're now able to build a set of custom Twitter searches that allow you to track hashtags, specific terms and aliases through your Player XP dashboard. To help you set this up, we've created this article to guide you through the process.

Step 1 - Visit the Data Management area on your Hub page

As seen in the image above, we've added a new section to your Hub page that is called "Data Management". As well as managing your Instagram authentications through this section, it also acts as the place to manage your custom Twitter searches.

Once you have navigated to the "Twitter Custom Searches" tab, you should then be able to set up a new search by entering your search query and name into the "Setup a New Search" area to the right.

Should you wish to, you can set up multiple terms into the same search. For example, the following image shows how we have setup a custom search for Call of Duty Warzone to monitor all 3 of their recent hashtags. Once in the dashboard, all terms included will be collated into one source for further review. This is great for monitoring specific campaigns or looking for mentions of a certain feature in your game.

After submitting your search, you should see a prompt confirming that the search has been created. Once submitted, our systems run a number of checks to ensure everything is set up properly before setting the search to "Accepted" and beginning collection.

After your search has been approved, new data will begin to be collected within the hour.

Building Custom Searches

As well as being able to search for specific terms, our query system also allows you to ensure your returned Tweets include multiple specific terms. This is great for looking for specific feedback or tracking combinations of terms. As an example, in the image below you can see how we've targeted a specific feature and a hashtag being used. This will result in all tweets containing "Gulag" (a feature inside Call of Duty Warzone) and the "#Warzone" hashtag.

Of course, you can perform this type of search in our dashboard but having this custom search allows you to perform custom searches earlier in the process.

Reviewing Existing Searches

After setting up your searches, if you wish to edit or remove any of your new custom Twitter searches, navigate to the same panel in your Hub page and then select either the Edit or Delete buttons to the right of any of your queries.

Seeing The Results

As mentioned earlier in the guide, once your new search has been set up, you'll be able to review the data as if it were another Social source in your dashboard. As seen in the image below, both searches we've previously set up in this guide are now viewable in the dashboard. 

As with all of our data sources, you'll be able to view a standalone page for the source by selecting the orange button to the right of your Twitter Custom Search.

We hope you find this new feature useful and please do contact us if you encounter any problems.