As part of our continued efforts to increase the value of Player XP, we have recently reviewed our existing Player XP categories and over the next few weeks, you’ll start to see new versions of your games appear on your Hub page. These new versions provide you with a first look at the new categories and over the next couple of months, we’ll be working with you to roll out the new categories across your games.

As with all of Player XP, we welcome feedback on the new categories and if anything stands out as a missed opportunity or incorrect, please do let us know.

To help with the rollout of the new categories, this article provides an overview of the new categories and the main differences with the older set.

Building the New Categories

When we look to build new categories, the first thing we do is to gather feedback from you on our existing setup. This feedback is invaluable when looking at the proposed new categories and we hope they provide a much quicker way to find feedback aimed towards specific parts of your game's community.

As with all of our automated systems, we feel it’s important to provide some details into how the new categories have been created. With our category system, whenever we revise them we start with a pull of a wide set of data from a wide range of games. The posts from within these games are then mapped out across our category system and groupings within the map are built. From there, we refine the groupings and adjust them with the result being our new category set. This result allows us to provide categories that represent a wide range of discussion themes across many types of game.

The New Categories

Based on the above process, the following is a list of the new categories, where a new category has been added, we have provided a brief description of its contents. For more detail on this, please visit our Category Definition page here. The new categories are:

  • Account – A collection of all of the comments discussing account-based issues they’ve had with the game.
  • Audio 
  • Characters 
  • Community 
  • Control 
  • Developer 
  • Events – A new category built to contain feedback specific to in-game events being run.
  • Feature Requests – An adjustment on the previous “Suggestions” category to bring together all requests for new features.
  • Game Performance – We’ve split “Bugs & Issues” into multiple individual categories, alongside “Game Stability” & “Online Systems” to better identify the cause of problems for your players. This category contains discussion aimed at the overall technical performance of the game.
  • Game Stability – As noted above, this category contains all references towards crashes and other stability related problems.
  • Gameplay
  • Graphics
  • Marketing
  • Monetisation
  • Online Systems – The third new category aimed at helping identify problem areas easier, this category brings together all discussion related to the online parts of your game (if it has online features).
  • Progression – A really interesting new category that aggregates conversation related to how players progress through your game and any frustrations they may have.
  • Release – As well as splitting our previous “Bugs & Issues” category, we’ve also split the “Pre/Post Release” category into two, this category represents discussion related specifically to the initial release of a game, and the second, “Updates”, relates to the conversation about new content being introduced.
  • Story
  • UI
  • Updates

How This Helps You

We believe these new categories better represent the most important areas of feedback you look to use Player XP for. We hope that with the introduction of our new categories, our overall category system and the visualisations relating to them become more valuable to you.

There are further plans to provide easier ways to work with specific categories, like the ones related to problems players are facing, and we’re excited to see how the new category system enables a richer analysis of the data.

What You Need To Do

As you will have seen in your accounts, the new category system has been set up and run across all of your games data already. Our next stage is to review these new parallel games with you to ensure you are happy with the switchover before replacing your existing games with the new category versions.

Once the new category versions have been rolled out, all of your weekly emails and dashboard experience will include the new categories.

We’ll be in touch soon to help plan out a review and rollout of the new versions of your game.

If you cannot see the new version of categories yet, this means that we are still processing your comparison games and will be in touch soon with an update on this.