In this article you'll learn:

  • Why you may want to Assign or Block specific Topics
  • How to Assign a Topic to a specific Category
  • How to Block a Topic from a specific Category
  • How to manage which Topics have been Assigned or Blocked.

As our underlying Topic platform automatically detects the significant Topics within your data, sometimes the Topics displayed within each Category do not fit entirely with the nature of the Category or may be better placed in another Category all together. To aid you in controlling this, we've introduced two new features to help you Assign or Block specific Topics to certain Categories.

Blocking a Topic from a Category

It's extremely easy to block any Topic from appearing within a Category. To guide you through this process, lets take the following Topic table, taken from within the Gameplay Design Category of one of our monitored games, as an example...

The majority of these Topics discuss elements to do with the games Gameplay, however, the inclusion of "Hours" is misplaced within this category. To remove this Topic from this category, simply go into the Topic page itself for "Hours", select the Topic action menu and then select "Block Topic From Category".

You'll then be presented with a modal popup that shows all of the Categories you have active currently. As you can see from the image below, because we've come through the Gameplay Design Category, it's automatically selected. To finalise hiding this Topic, click "Confirm". This Topic will no longer appear within the Gameplay Design Topic.

Assigning a Topic to a Category

As well as being able to block certain Topics from within Categories, we've also made it possible for you to ensure a Topic appears within a Category. As our system is dynamic, there is a small chance that sometimes the system misses a key Topic of discussion from within a Category, the Assign Topic feature is here to fix that.

When looking at a one of our Topic Tables for something outside of a specific Category, we display what Category the Topic is most discussed in, however sometimes you'll see a Topic like the one below that hasn't had any major Category hits even thought it is related to one of them (Monetisation).

In this instance, simply go into the Topic page by selecting the orange arrow on the right and select the Topic action menu. From there, select "Assign to Category" and then select the relevant Category the Topic should be assigned to before confirming your changes.

From here on in, that Topic will also be considered when aggregating results within the selected Category.

How to Manage your Assigned & Blocked Topics

If at any time you wish to delete a rule you have set for Assigning or Blocking Topics, simply navigate to the Hub page, select the Customisation tab, choose the game you have applied rules to from the dropdown and go to either the "Blocked Topics" or "Assigned Topics" tabs. Within there you should see any previous rules you have setup.

To delete any previously set rules, simply click the Bin icon on the far right of the panel. This will remove the rule applied.