As a community sentiment platform, Player XP's sentiment system is the most important underlying platform. To help you understand how we manage sentiment, this article will explore our Sentiment scale and how you can learn to incorporate it within your team as a key KPI.

Sentiment Diamonds

Throughout your usage of the Player XP dashboard, you'll see what we call "Sentiment Diamonds". These diamonds are in place to help you quickly identify the sentiment behind the data you are viewing. These diamonds come in three forms:

Used to indicate when the average sentiment is negative.
Used to indicate when the average sentiment is neutral.
Used to indicate when the average sentiment is positive.

The Scale

As you'll see in the diamonds above, not only do we show whether something is positive, negative or neutral but we also provide you with a value. This value is used to indicate how positive or negative something is and is plotted on a 199 point scale between 99 (extremely positive) and -99 (extremely negative).

When reading one of these values (either in a diamond or anywhere else on the platform), the key point to remember is that this value is there to represent severity. You may be looking at a collection of the bugs players are talking about in your game, all them are negative so how do you determine which ones matter the most? With the scale its simple, just look for the ones that have the lowest sentiment scale and the highest volumes of discussion.