In this article you'll learn:

  • How to use the Hub page to explore individual games
  • How to access help desk content
  • How to compare your games' performance against each other.

As the main access point for the Player XP platform, we thought it would be a good idea to give you a detailed explanation of how you can utilise the Hub page properly and hopefully provide some additional insight into how we view our product.

When you first log in to the Player XP dashboard via you should see the following page (with your games listed on the left-hand side)...

The most standout area of this page is to the right of the game listings, where you can see an overview of your games community activity and links into the key areas of the platform. Click any of these features (Dynamic Report, Topic Finder, Interaction Explorer) when you wish to dive into a single game further.

A couple key other parts of this section include the toggle between 'Last 30 Days' and 'All Time' which provide you with a way to toggle the visualisations to get that instant feedback on how your game is performing. We also see a breakdown of the Channels on the left of this section, highlighting where your players are communicating/leaving feedback and you can click on any of these to go straight to their dedicated page within the Dynamic Report.

If you are light on time and want to just view the comments for a specific source, you can click on any of the source icons and immediately be taken to the Interaction Explorer for that specific source.

Moving back to the left-hand side of the Hub page, you'll see a listing of all of your available games allowing you to compare their performance against each other.

You can also access this help content directly from this page by clicking on the helpdesk icon inside the Hub pages sidebar...

Moving forward, you'll start to see more customisation and preferences become visible in this sidebar as new features are added over time which will make the Hub page the central location for the Player XP experience.