The Community Hub page features three forms of navigation, each provide different outcomes. In this article, you'll learn how to interact with the Community Hub and how to use it as a kick-off point for the rest of your Player XP experience.

Community Hub Toolbar

The first menu that you'll learn to use is the Community Hub Toolbar. Found on the left hand side of the list of games available to your account, this sub menu gives you the ability to control how you interact with the Player XP dashboard.

This sub-menu contains three icons:

  1. Clicking the top icon will load all of your accounts game into a list.
  2. Clicking the second icon will take you into this help desk so you can learn more about Player XP.
  3. Clicking the third icon will allow you to customise your Player XP dashboard. You can learn more about our dashboard customisation by clicking here.

Selected Game Menu

Once you have selected which game you would like to explore further, you will need to use the Selected Game Menu to navigate into the Player XP dashboard.

By using this menu, you can select to jump into your selected game through the Dynamic Report, Topic Finder or Interaction Explorer. To learn more about our three core features then please visit here.

Account Menu

Finally, at the top of the page, you'll see the following Cog icon. Clicking this icon will open your Account Menu, from which you'll be able to control your Player XP account. Currently, this gives you two options, to access a grouping of your Player XP reports (if you have commissioned any standalone reports) or to Logout from the Player XP dashboard.

Now you've learned how to navigate through Player XP, you should be ready to get started exploring your data.