In this article, you'll learn how to use the Saved Topics feature inside the Topic Finder. The Saved Topics area allows you save specific Topic Finder searches so that you can easily recall them at a later date.

How to View Saved Topics

To view any saved Topic, simply navigate to the Topic Finder page and then select the 'Saved Topics' tab from the tab system beneath the page header.

Once selected, you should see your saved Topics appear beneath in a cascading list of your saved Topics. Each Topic displays key information inside it to make it easier to quickly see major changes for your saved Topics. To explore any Topic further, click on the 'Explore' button located in the top right of a saved Topic.

How to Remove a Topic from your Saved Topics area

If you would like to remove any saved Topic from your Saved Topics area, simply select the 'x' button in the top right-hand area of any saved Topic.

Your web browser should provide you with a notification that the Topic has been removed your list of saved Topics.