In this article you'll learn:

  • How to search for a custom topic
  • How to view the most discussed topics over set time periods
  • How Player XP groups terms together into topics

Continuing on with our articles on how to get started with Player XP, the next feature we are going to walk you through is our Topic Finder feature. Our Topic Finder represents the best way to search for a custom topic within all of your Interactions inside Player XP.

Custom Searching

To access the Topic Finder, navigate from either the Community Hub or from within any area of your game by selecting 'Topic Finder'.

Once selected, you should be taken through to the Topic Finder page. Within here, you'll see two key areas, the Topic search and the 'Recent Terms' overview.

The most straightforward usage of this feature is to enter the key phrase that you want to look at results for, to do this, enter the term into the 'Topic Phrase' input and hit the 'Go to Topic' button. If there are no results for the topic you are searching for, a message will be displayed on the Topic Finder page. If there are results, you will be redirected to the Topic Page - which contains the same content as if you had navigated through to a Topic in the Dynamic Report.

This page will contain all of the results for the Topic that you are searching for. If you would like to combine multiple terms into one Topic, use a semi-colon to separate your terms.

What's Being Talked About

As well as giving you the ability to search for any custom topic that you would like to learn about, we also use this feature to surface the most recent significant terms that are being discussed within your game's community. As with all displays like this, this isn't simply counting words, this is displaying terms that are significant for your game's data.

With this feature, you can toggle the display method depending on the level of detail you require by selecting either 'Cloud View' or 'List View' as well as setting a set time period you want to look at results for. This is the one area on the platform where the date picker doesn't impact the results you are seeing.

Finally, to help you identify the reaction towards the specific Topics being displayed by aggregating the sentiment of all the Interactions found within the Topic.

If you would like to see a deeper analysis of any Topic within the Recent Terms area, simply click on the Topic if using the Cloud View or select the orange arrow in the List View.

Grouping Into Topics

As mentioned in the introduction to Player XP's Key Features, Player XP utilises a smart grouping technology to build its categories with the aim of grouping together Topics that are discussing the same type of subject. With our Topic system, we deploy a very similar piece of technology to ensure similar terms are grouped together into one Topic.

In practice, this will mean that typo's, plurals, abbreviations and other similar terms are grouped into one single Topic to give you the full view of the response when looking into specific Topics.

To see this in action, when you select any Topic in the Recent Terms (when viewed in Cloud View), you'll see the search box near the top of the Topic Finder auto-populate with content. Sometimes this is just a single word but often this is a grouped term, this is Player XP's smart grouping technology in action.

Moving Forward

Now that you've learnt how to use the Topic Finder feature, you can start to search for some unique elements of your game and see how the community feel towards them. One of our major use cases for this feature is for tracking reaction to specific in-game events that you may be running. If you would like to learn how to use the other key features within the Player XP dashboard then click here or if you want to learn more about specific Topic Finder elements, please click here.