One of our favourite parts of building Player XP is experiencing the excitement when we share our immediate plans for Player XP but we know that sometimes you just want to know what's coming down the line. To aid with this, we wanted to open up on the areas we're currently working on.

Currently, Player XP is running on version 1.2.4. The first new features were released for 1.2.4 in June 2020 and we release new updates for the dashboard on a monthly basis. More details about our latest releases can be found on our blog at

Recent changes include:

  • Dashboard Customisation
  • Topic Table Filters
  • Isolated Category System
  • Save / Hide Topics
  • Assign / Block Topics
  • Estimated Community Size Metrics

Our next area of focus is on the introduction of teams and individual user accounts to help you control who can and cannot customise your dashboard. Alongside this, we will also be introducing custom alert systems and closer notifications alongside our weekly update newsletter.

Beyond this, our longer-term roadmap includes:

  • More data sources including chat-based systems
  • Capturing data from beyond your official Youtube page
  • Closer integration of help desk functionality to aid you in using Player XP.
  • Introduction of emotional analysis and reporting
  • Non-english support