One of our favourite part of building Player XP is experiencing the excitement when we share our new updates to Player XP but we know that sometimes you just want to know what's coming down the line. To aid with this, we wanted to open up on the areas we're currently working on.

Player XP is running on version 1.3.1. This is a new version of Player XP and the features have just been released (June 2021). The rest of 1.3 will contain the following features:

  • Discord Support - Rolling out now.
  • Team Management - Expected Q4 '21.
  • Individual User Accounts & 2FA Support - Expected Q4 '21
  • First Party Translation Engine - Expected Q1 '22
  • Email Notification V2 - Including Ability to Setup Custom Email Notifications - Expected Q1 '22
  • Slack Integration - Expected Q2 '22
  • Twitch Source Support - Expected Q2 '22
  • Wider Subreddit Analysis (outside of your official subreddits) - Expected Q2 '22

If there is anything missing from the above that you'd love to see in Player XP, please do let us know.

To keep up to date with Player XP's releases, please follow our blog at