One of our favourite parts of building Player XP is experiencing the excitement when we share our immediate plans for Player XP but we know that sometimes you just want to know what's coming down the line. To aid with this, we wanted to open up on the areas we're currently working on.

Currently, Player XP is running on version The first new features were released for 1.2.3 in mid-March with the latest changes being made available in early April 2020.

Recent changes include:

  • Sentiment improvements (better accuracy and recall)
  • The rollout of our adjusted sentiment system across all sentiment scores
  • A better comparison of competitor performance on Data Overview page
  • Improvements to Topic Finder grouping technology
  • Share via email functionality including ability to share pre-signed URL's

Our next set of features will be focused on providing you with the ability to customise the dashboard to match your exact needs.

  • Ability to save recent Topic Finder searches and view all recent searches
  • Ability to hide Topics
  • Ability to build custom Categories and assign specific Topics
  • Ability to hide Categories
  • Ability to block Topics from appearing in Categories

Beyond this, we have plans to introduce:

  • More data sources including more chat-based systems
  • Better analysis of video sources (still focused on comments)
  • Email notification management allowing you to customise when you receive email updates and alerts
  • Source analytics giving you insight into data sources beyond comments and posts
  • Closer integration of help desk functionality to aid you in getting used to using Player XP.