AI: AI is an acronym for Artificial Intelligence. AI is when machines are programmed to be able to mimic the cognitive functions of the human mind, such as the ability to learn, plan, reason, and solve problems.

Data Aggregation: The process of summarizing and expressing large amounts of data.

Interactions: An interaction in Player XP, represents one comment, user review, or other type of stated opinion found online.

Machine Leaning: The use of algorithms to perform a task without explicit instruction. Player XP uses machine learning solutions to mine data from the internet and arrange what is found into groups.

NLP: NLP is an acronym for Natural Language Processing. NLP is a way for computers to be able to process human language as humans speak/type it. Without NLP, a computer program would not be able to properly understand things said/written by people, and therefore would be unable to adequately analyse it.
Sentiment: Sentiment is a quantification of opinion. Player XP uses NLP and AI learning to quantify the sentiment of collated free text from user reviews and community discussions regarding games.

Trend Detection: The ability to identify significant and prolonged consistent changes in data.