Thank you for choosing to use Player XP to help track and analyse your community sentiment and interactions. We hope that the platform proves to be a valuable tool in your efforts to better understand community discussion. To help you become familiar with the platform and it's many capabilities, we've created this help desk to contain a wealth of information and detailed explanations on the platform.

Your Companies Community Hub

Once logged in, the first page you'll come across is your companies Player XP Community Hub, within this page you should see a number of your titles listed on the left with the top game already selected and showing information on the right. From here on in, this hub will be your first destination to browse the games available to you and to launch into specific areas of the platform.

To begin with, select one of your games from the left and view the 'Dynamic Report' by clicking on the labelled button in the right-hand section of your screen*.

The Dynamic Report is there to act as a way to explore the community reaction to your game, identify where you have seen peaks and troughs in sentiment and activity and find what has been causing them. We often refer to this part of the dashboard as our signposting system and we hope it helps speed up the time it takes to learn what is going on within your community.

You'll also be able to access our two other major sections of the dashboard, our Topic Finder - which acts as a Search Engine for your community discussion - and the Interaction Explorer - a feed of all interactions we pick up and allows you to add custom filters to see the exact comments towards your game.

We hope you have found this article interesting, if you would like to learn more, please watch our walkthrough video below or check out any of our other deeper articles within our Getting Started section.

* If you can only see the left-hand section (the list of available games) then this is because your screen is too small. Not to worry, you can still dive straight into the Dynamic Report feature just by clicking 'View Game'.