Q: I can’t sign in. What do I do?

A: Please contact your Player XP Account Manager or Sales Representative. Alternatively, you can email support@playerxp.io

Q: How can I add more games and/or data sources or games to my dashboard?

A: Please contact your Player XP Account Manager or Sales Representative.

Q: What is Player XP's pricing model?

A: Prices are set on a per studio basis, starting with how many games are to be analysed, then a custom price is delivered dependent on various factors that you decide on.

Q: I have a question about Data, Legal, T&C’s
A: Check out our legal documentation here, or email support@playerxp.io

Q: What support can I get?

A: We endeavour to answer any and all queries posed within 48hrs. For urgent account questions, however, you should contact your Account Manager or Sales Representative.

Q: What is Hertzian?

A: Hertzian Ltd is the award-winning AI development team behind Player XP. We are specialists in data analytics and internationally recognized as experts in our field.

Q: What does the Player XP Analyst do?

A: Our Analysts are on hand to provide teams with help accessing the tool, but also regular reports on your title's performance; interesting trends that may be developing, and to answer any ongoing, unique questions that your team may have.

Q: I found a bug, how do I report it?

A: You can use our intercom service (located in the bottom right corner of your screen on most pages), or email support@playerxp.io

Q: Can I share my login details?

A: The answer to this depends on what agreement we have or the package you’ve purchased. If you have been given a single login, it is expected that it will be shared with other team members; however, for studio-level agreements, you will be tied to your individual logins.

Q: I’m seeing a duplicate (or several duplicates) of the same user review. Is this a bug?

A: Sometimes this is just a matter of players copying and pasting the same review over multiple sources. Sometimes it is a problem with the data sources themselves. If you are consistently experiencing duplicate results over multiple comments, please contact us.

Q: I see an interaction marked as positive/negative when the content is actually the opposite.

A: We are aware that on very rare occasions, interactions are picked up by our sentiment algorithms and the sentiment is marked incorrectly. If you do see such a comment within the Interaction Explorer, you should also see a 'report' button underneath the incorrect comment, please mark this comment as incorrect. Once reported, our team then review the flagged comment and if the comment is deemed incorrect, a change is put in place and the AI system will adjust its results the next time the system retrains itself.

Q: Why is one of the sources 'Microsoft/Xbox' for a PC game?

A: Windows and Xbox actually share a user review platform, we draw data from that platform and do not list the source separately for reviews of Windows or Xbox exclusive games.

Q: Why is Player XP returning so few hits on my search term in the Interaction Explorer?

A: The vast majority of user review interactions in Player XP are automatically categorized. If you are searching for a term within a category, there’s a good chance that you will not see every mention of the term we’ve captured. Try filtering by a different, or even without, a parent category.

Q: Could we add a feature that tracks player’s playtime, sex, other games played, etc. for marketing purposes?

A: Since Hertzian Ltd. & Player XP is based in the UK, we have been subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) policy since May of 2018, which means that there are several provisions regarding the processing of personal data of individuals within the European Economic Area. We cannot make this data available without the individual’s explicit, informed consent. The data collection that we do perform is covered by the privacy policies of the data hosts that we collect from. Should a site that we crawl alter their privacy policies to request that users allow the sharing of this data, we should be able to provide this service without being in breach of GDPR. 

Q: What is a 'Descriptive' interaction?

A: Descriptive interactions are comments and posts that have been categorised and analysed for the sentiment. Many interactions do not express actual opinions about anything in particular, including posted links, random strings of characters, and general responses or off-topic replies. Player XP can identify and filter out such interactions, but still records them.

Q: How do you calculate sentiment?

A: Sentiment accuracy is determined by a combination of its classifier's precision & recall. Precision is the task of identifying the fraction of correct evaluations made across all potential evaluations for a set of interactions. After being trained on over a million interactions, sentiment accuracy is then evaluated against pre-built tests. The system is regularly tested and adjusted to account for changes in the way players speak online.

Q: Do you add any weighting to your results?

A: For the most part no, but we may place some weighting on sentiment representation purely for the purpose of visualising data aggregation.

Q: Is there a way to use the Subject Search feature to look at groups of results?

A: Yes, when entering terms into the Subject Search, simply separate each term with a semicolon. The title of the topic page may be just the first term you entered, but you should see results for all of the terms that you entered.